Small Expectations©DavidJRJones2012

by David J R Jones

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Small expectations........


Drifting along, same old, same old only different(tomorrow follows yesterday)
Walking along the street, walking along the way(day drifts into day)
What is with this place, is it the people. Or just perhaps the human race.
Always the same old what they've come to expect. hell of a shame though, no mind to reflect.
Story of a town that will get you down, tale of a place that will get in your face.
Never looking forward, always around. A diagnosis could be due for this town.
Does it love itself, could be insanity, sure would explain much the eye can see.......

Get me outta here, let me out, don't wanna see this place, don't wanna see your faces.
Gotta get out of here, don't wanna shout to hear. Cover my face, can't be linked to this place oh no........

Wake up and smell the coffee if you like. Don't matter to me, HA, who's wrong or right.
Isn't it possible i've been right all along. Don't mean to boast but you're all F*ck*ng wrong.
Making you angry is not the intention here, but if that's the only way, i can get your attention here......
I'll take the risk, anyway. I'll say my piece anyway.
You're starting to see, well i'd say it's about time. Shame it's a little bit late in time.
Better than never, that's what they say. Late on my tether now i'm getting away.

Get me out of here.......


released 12 June 2013
Lyrics, music, and mix - David J R Jones



all rights reserved


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