Acoustic Express

by David J R Jones

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Acoustic album Recorded between 2012-2014 in London, Southend and Norwich
7 original songs+5 Bonus tracks included with download!


released December 9, 2014

David J R Jones:

Backing vocals
Rhythm Guitar
Electric Guitar



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David J R Jones Norwich, UK

David J R Jones is a singer/songwriter from the UK.
His songs are rooted in a deep appreciation of melody, harmony and rhythm. His lyrics reflect a heartfelt desire to express thoughts, emotions, and experiences, in a way that is personal, yet universal, through the mediums' of music and words. ... more

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Track Name: Peace of Mind
Peace Of Mind

Hey my friend :)
Got much time to spend?
Have a mind to mend, broken pieces there inside
Why pretend
You're without a friend
Without an ear to bend, too many pieces there inside

Oh, I know it's hard to find, some peace of mind.
The pieces of our lives.
Seems so natural to hide; hide in plain sight
The pieces of your life

Hey my friend
Don't contend
Still some time to mend, jagged pieces there inside

Oh, I know it's hard to find, some peace of mind.
The pieces of our lives.
Seems so natural to hide; hide in plain sight
The pieces of your life

Oh I know it's hard sometimes; when you see the clouds
Brighter days they won't be found; if you look around
Night does always turn to day, and if we wait
Hope will light the way, and so I say,

Yes I know we're gonna find, some peace of mind
The pieces of our lives, and,
No longer we will hide; hide in plain sight
The pieces of our lives...........

David J R Jones 2014
Track Name: A Different Tide
A Different Tide

Woke up today, with a sense of fate
Woke up today, with a sense of hatred
Woke up today, with a sense of lateness
Woke up today, with a sense of fate

Morning traffic at half past Eight, snow if falling on the autumn stave
Seagulls circling above the frozen bay, sun is on it's rise
Can't help thinking 'bout yesterday, cold reflections crack the windows pane
Time is passing like a tidal wave, sun is on it's rise

And I, I am rushing
Beneath the blackened sky
An I, keep on wondering, if it is time to fly

Over a fortified divide, under the barren sky
Eternal mountains beside
Don't miss the ocean for the tide

So I, keep on singing.
To soothe, my troubled mind,
And I keep on looking, for a humble pride

Over a fortified divide
You can see the river, far and wide
Got to find some truth within these lies
I will not be borne on anothers' tide

So I, keep on swimming
Across the ocean wide
And I will keep on looking
For a different tide x 3............

David J R Jones 2012
Track Name: Stay a While
Stay a while

Wake me up, when the sun goes down
Lift me up, to a lighter cloud
Tune my song, to a higher sound

The spring is dark, on our little isle, summer short, can you stay a while
The sun is warm won't you wait a little while.....

A while, a while, can you stay a while (repeat)

Can you stay a while, won't you wait a while
Can you stay a while with me x2

The days are long when the sun is high
Nights are short when you're in denial
The morning light, is just a little trial

December warmth in a little vial
The flame is bright if you wait a while
The night is young, can't you stay a little while

A while...............

David J R Jones 2012
Track Name: Escape

I feel a certain gravity, attractions to her vanity.
A vain allurement, an enduring moment.
Can't control my mind, when I try I always find. Myself bewildered, at my fulfillment......

Of contrary motions, expansive oceans......
A Strange desire, autonomous fire.
Burning all my resistance, consuming wills insistence.
Consume me one more time, distill my constant sighs.
Fool me take my life, reckless one; such am I.

I feel a certain danger, reflections of a stranger.
My ego is subjected, to a lover so subjective.
A knowing apprehension, a degrading of intention.
Opposite attraction, focus of distraction.

Unrequited longing, how long must I wait.
A sudden realisation, of love declared too late.

Escape me happiness, escape from life's' distress.
Berate my foolishness, dissolve loves' harsh caress.
Show your colours true, your soul's bewitching hue
Love or let me go, just don't let me know.
Set my soul at ease, wondered if you'd please.
Fire, rain or snow, you've got to let me know.
A dangerous parade, my senses start to fade.
Just a foolish game, you have stole my heart, and gone away

David J R Jones 2012
Track Name: A Friend
A Friend

You say you'd like a friend to call your own
I say you should befriend someone who knows
You tell me you intend to find a home.
But I say that curious minds were born to roam
But I'm sure that you already know
And I'm sure you're puzzled y this show
I've noticed that you can't stand to be on your own
That you are always talking on your phone

To who, I don't know, you wont open your soul
To a friend, or a foe, or a lover unknown
Well maybe we can walk a little while
And maybe I can help to find your smile
Maybe you could fan my latent fire
Or maybe we could focus our desire

Why do you look so sad, why do you only look back
The past defines you
How can I ease your mind, stand beside you
What if the truth is a lie, you say; sent to try you!

Some say it isn't like the old times, but I say that change is natures' common time
You tell me that love is just a fantasy, that loneliness is a safer reality
But I'm sure that you already know
That loneliness is a heavy road.
I wonder if you believe what we've been sold?
That happiness is our rightful home!

You propose, I compose, some Utopian prose
A repose, I suppose, from our head to our toes
Well maybe we could use a little vine
Or maybe we could light a fragrant fire
Let us come together for the night
Tomorrow we can work out what is right

Please don't be so sad
You know that this world is mad
Dazed and violent
I said that I'd be by your side, through the silence
Together we'll make it alright
Hope will find you!..........

David J R Jones 2011
Track Name: Fragrant Vice
Fragrant Vice

Subtle toxicity, inner proximity
A fragrant vice, illicit enticement
Raising propensity, steady intensity
Delta-9, inspiring my mind

Early morning tranquility, afternoon sensibility
Evening sensitivity, midnight fidelity

Subtle immensity, heady intensity
A Fragrant vice, delightful device
Creative dimensions, relieving the tensions,
Higher frequencies, mistook for delinquency

Springs bright arrival, summers revival
Autumns reprisals, winter survival....

Early morning tranquility, afternoon sensibility
Evening sensitivity, beautiful melody

David J R Jones 2011
Track Name: Many Are The Days
Many Are The Days

The sun never sets on a kingdom so wide.
Peace will not reign till the land is divided.
Force is mis-spent when sovereign minds collide.
Labour is cheap, profits are high.

Life is so rich on the other side.
Sleep is sweet, dreamers can conspire.
Children play, innocent of mind.
Mothers pray to a sovereign divine

Divine x 4
Divide x 4

Crowns are a weight, not for display.
Courts are a stage, warfare is waged.
The few who are praised, praise empty ways.
Many are the days spent in the blaze.

The Blaze, the blaze, many are the days.
The days, the days spent in a haze.

David J R Jones 2012
Track Name: Small Expectations
Small Expectations

Drifting along, same old, same old only different(tomorrow follows yesterday).....
Walking along the street, walking along the way(day drifts into day)
What is with this place, is it the people. Or just perhaps the human race.
Always the same old what they've come to expect. hell of a shame though, no mind to reflect.
Story of a town that will get you down, tale of a place that will get in your face.
Never looking forward, always around. A diagnosis could be due for this town.
Does it love itself, could be insanity, sure would explain much the eye can see.......

Get me outta here, let me out, don't wanna see this place, don't wanna see your faces.
Gotta get out of here, don't wanna shout to hear. Cover my face, can't be linked to this place oh no........

Wake up and smell the coffee if you like. Don't matter to me, HA, who's wrong or right.
Isn't it possible I've been right all along. Don't mean to boast but you're all F*ck*ng wrong.
Making you angry is not the intention here, but if that's the only way, i can get your attention here......
I'll take the risk, anyway. I'll say my piece anyway.
You're starting to see, well i'd say it's about time. Shame it's a little bit late in time.
Better than never, that's what they say. Late on my tether now i'm getting away.

Get me out of here.......

David J R Jones (Words 2001/ Revised for song 2011)
Track Name: Let Soul Suffice(Early mix 2012)
Let Soul Suffice

Distraction or reactionary, rebel or refractionary.
Distilled in a sour mash, inhaling an exuberant stash.
Now don't let your mind be thrilled, by a sweet amnesiac pill.
Don't let your heart be warmed, by a fire that is fuelled by thorns.

Let soul suffice- discard the loaded dice
Let soul suffice- contemplate it's price
Let soul revere, it's mystical adherence to it's own device.

Once again I say let soul suffice.
A contemporary woe- The magicians don't know.
A notorious foe-A condescending low...
Now don't let your heart be filled, with a cold disregarding chill.
Don't let your courage fall, or you'll be decimated with the small.

Let soul suffice- Abandon all your ties.
Let soul arise- Water from the ice
Let soul appear- Illusion disappear
Don't think twice- Once again I say let soul suffice.........

David JR Jones 2011
Track Name: All That Glitters(Demo 2012)
All That Glitters

All that glitters ain't gold, but all that glitters is cold.
Those who sell out are sold. Those who tarry are told, if you fall behind, or upon your side. You'll be forsaken, or at least mistaken.
For a stepping stone, a nail that is rusted in the cold.

He who hastens is lost, in the cynical frost. She who marries is wed; bless the conjugal bed.
If they come undone, under the sun. They'll be forsaken, or at least mistaken, for lonely souls; bad mistakes carry a heavy toll.

Better keep up, better shut up. Wanna save face, a rat in a race. No referee; unless you believe.
A cup in a storm....Tempest of the norm.....

All are fooled for a while, a legitimate smile. Some never wake up; others choose to give up.
If you wait a while, and conceal your smile. You'll be forsaken, or at least mistaken. For a stranger here. Rest assured, you're getting very near.

Better keep up, oh, better shut up. Wanna save face, a rat in a race.
If you get out, then dance and shout. You'll have cause to smile, as you walk along that golden mile.

David JR Jones 2011
Track Name: The Motion(Drum mix 2012)
The Motion

Travelling quickly, who can stop the motion?
Don't try, to resist reduction. Born to die, but re-invent itself.
Dying to live, but not for itself.
The power of choice, does not persist. You know the truth regarding this.
Everyone and everything knows it's force. Resistance itself even finds it's source...

In it's notion and motion of magnitude. In it's fusion and illusion of solitude.
But power of the infinite cannot be resisted, only woven, channeled, and enlisted....

In the fight that leads to freedom.....but when?; how?; let me know when you do...

Define this, explain this, deny this, still you know it's true.
You feel this pain, well we feel it too. Face this now- No turning back...
In case you forgot, it's behind your back

Face this now, no turning away, submit to the motion, let it have it's way.

David JR Jones 2011
Track Name: Northern Lights-(Live@NAS 2012)
Northern Lights

Northern Lights, magnetic heights,
evening sighs for the night.
Traffic lights, and sonic flights,
fleeting lives, rushing by.
Strange sounds, restrictive nouns,
shallow grounds for discourse.
Far away, no dismay, not a shame,
to miss the train.

Post romantic serenades, conducted in the rain.
Frantic masquerades, played a midst the fray.....

Stay high my brother tonight, the skies are open,
Don't cry my sister tonight, your eyes are open,
Hold tight, to your sight, my veins are burning from the insight,
stay high, my dear soul tonight.....

Semantic ties, and alibis, distant cries far away
Ancient ways in modern relays, electric haze overlays
Human ties rising high, cemented lives side by side
So exotic are the claims, innocence and fame
Charity is blamed, vanities proclaimed......

Stay high.................

David J R Jones 2012